Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Memory Excellence 31: (You're Never Alone with a) Delay Pedal

31. (You're Never Alone with a) Delay Pedal

I bought a copy of myself
from a box
and took it out - to repeat:

Took myself to the garage
Took a copy
Took myself - to repeat:

Endless copies
Infinite garage
Which one is me? To repeat:

Endless selves inside a box
I'm not alone
beside myself - to repeat:

Put myself inside a box
Waking up
to turn it off.

I got a Boss DD-3 for $5 at the swap meet and my sound changed. Oh the 1990s. I bought swap-meet delay pedal after swap-meet delay pedal and stretched everything out forever, hiss and crunch. Ravenous cavernous. Years of dissipation and navel-gazing while being dead sober. I didn't release an album for like four years during my period of maximum music playing. Endless delay pedal wankery in the garage. Delay pedals. Delay pedals. Delay pedals. I'm not alone beside myself.