Friday, October 26, 2018

Memory Excellence 21: Edgy Liquid

21. Edgy Liquid


I doodled a comic strip of various potential bottled water brands - Edgy Liquid, Futility of American Dream, I'm Sweaty, Williamsburg Loft - and made very short songs about each one on the album Fluid Duplicator. Then I did a 20-minute fever dream improv about bottled water called "You Are There" on Jennifer Robin's radio show, a crazed bit about selling out and turning these childhood peak experiences into fodder for selling overpriced liquids.

In a cheeky move, the Super Duplicator band referenced in the "Winged Ear" entry played "Edgy Liquid" three or four times in a row at a show. At some point I was going to put out a CD single for this song that just had "Edgy Liquid" playing 99 times in a row. It's not too late, I guess.