Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Memory Excellence 01: Yellow

I'm going to write up a little blurb explaining each of the songs on Memory Excellence. I will probably not finish in time for the release date (Oct. 12, 2018), but let's give it a shot.

NB: I reserve the right to edit, update, or delete any of these entries going forward. I may also add links to other appropriate songs. When I'm done, I will try to put this up on so you don't have to read through 33 different Blogger entries.

OK, here goes!

01. Yellow

This comes from the first Cruise Missiles Named Bob tape Winter, which was recorded over an Information Society cassingle that I bought from the Tualatin Public Library book sale for a dime. We fit seven songs on the space formerly inhabited by "What's on Your Mind (Pure Energy)" and whatever the flip side was.

Jordan and B. sing backup vocals - thank you. Recorded in my Tualatin bedroom on a Panasonic boombox with my dad's old guitar. This song may seem familiar to connoisseurs of the Raunchy Young Lepers oeuvre, but that's purely a coincidence.

Not sure what prompted this song to be written, though I did have a pair of yellow Chuck Taylors that I'd bought on clearance at G.I. Joe's and that stuck out like the sorest thumb possible at Tigard High School in the late 80s.