Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Memory Excellence 09: I Didn't Think the Oracle Was Talking to Me

09: I Didn't Think the Oracle Was Talking to Me

Sometimes the best songs have to marinate for a while. I wrote this one back in 1998 when I was enmeshed in the stupid situation hinted at in track 07*, but never finished it. I dusted it off in 2001 when the mad geniuses who were luv[sic] invited me to come up to Bellevue, WA to record an album with them.

luv[sic] made about a trillion albums full of highly reverbed guitars and vocals, tumbling drums, and highly charged found-lyrics vocals. Totally overlooked masterworks. Ask me for more information. They were a highly simpatico backing band for my own yelping and strumming. Sing Like Birds is one of those jewels in the Tape Mountain crown, I think.

Bonus points to the narrator (or was it the author?) for getting the lyrics wrong in the nod to "Killing Me Softly." It was probably the author.

* And despite the author's attempts to cover his tracks by including mentions of a bomber jacket and a bitchin' motorboat, this is pretty obviously the author talking about his disregarding wisdom and good advice and getting himself all tangled up in an unwise situation. We've all been there, right? That's why the classics are classics, right?