Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Memory Excellence 06: Waverly

06. Waverly

We are still in California and attempting to be comfortable there. Not really succeeding. I develop a snarky persona that isn't really me but that fits well enough in the sarcastic 90s. I keep amassing items and writing bad papers at the last possible moment. This song sounds like it's being sung from the bottom of a well, which isn't so far off, even if that's just the delay pedal talking.

What exactly is this song about? Well, it's complicated - I finally watched Aelita, Queen of Mars and thought about how I'd talked about that movie with L., and how I'd driven across the U.S. with J., and how the night looked on Highway 3 in Iowa en route to the old ancestral homeland, and I'm sure A. figured in there because that's how that moment was happening, and, well, bottom of a well. This song becomes a little clearer when viewed as part of the song cycle that is Celesteville's Kohoutek. Maybe.

The jangly instrument here is my tiple, a 10-stringed instrument in the ukulele family that I found in a Portland music shop one winter break, and which has been a comforting presence in my life on many dark occasions. The bass instrument is an Electro-Harmonix Mini-Synthesizer that I got at the Golden West swap meet for five bucks, battery included. I think I borrowed the drums from someone named Franz? Sorry about my drumming.