Friday, March 15, 2024

Appliances / Password Plus / CDs

A couple weeks ago we paid a plumber to fix the pipe that burst in our garage - now our dishwasher isn't working. While I kind of secretly love washing dishes - and I may have written my poppiest song in years about washing dishes while watching Password Plus on the tablet - I'm ready to let machines do the work. Let's see if the fancypants new dishwasher I bought lasts longer than the H*me D*p*t cheapest possible option I went with last time.

Inspired by the good folks at ElectrifyPDX, we are slowly getting rid of our fossil fuel household appliances. Today was the day we broke out the checkbook for a heat pump. Kind of thrilling to think that we will actually have air conditioning for the first time in my life. (And it will be good to get rid of our nearly 30-year-old gas furnace). 

As part of the energy audit, the tech got down in our crawlspace (apparently not as horrifying as I had feared). In order to make that happen, I had to clean out my wine cellar/CD storage closet. There were a lot of OMG moments as I realized where a lot of my CDs had been hiding. Currently rocking Cyclops' Goat Volume, which holds up pretty well. I'm a sucker for Flying Nun b-team/Xpressway-adjacent stuff from the era, and "Simpleton" takes one and a half chords about as far as they need to go.