Friday, October 26, 2018

Memory Excellence 28: Edge Detector

28. Edge Detector

Generate the walls that form the corridors
for I'm the germ that walks along the corridors:
the edge detector, edge detector.

Generate the walls, for I'm the form called from 
the bad ideas of uninformed ham-fisted children:
edge detector, edge detector.

Show me walls and corridors and I'll detect the corridors.

Show me walls and corridors and I will bounce off 
of the former through the latter into ether. 
Edge detector, edge detector.

Generate the walls and make them labyrinths!
I'll make them into corridors that spiral out and sprawl forever,
never exit. I'm hamfisted. Edge detector.
I'm defective. Edge detector.

This is the opening track off Spirit Duplicator's Corridor Forever, in which every song is about some sort of corridor. This time, there are three songs with the same title ("Luscious Green Corridor"). I was feeling a little trapped at work and thought about that time that I tried to enter a "Mouse in the Maze" programming competition. My mouse was a bumbler.