Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Ukrainian and personal music update

Polkadon DB has posted another winner, this time from the LP with the all-time classic title:

Roy Mykytyshyn Sets Your Heart on Fire with Old and New Ukrainian Songs

And check out that cover!

I love really clunky long Ukrainian-Canadian album titles. Bill Prokopchuk Plays a Simulated Live Recording of a Three Day Wedding Old Country Style, in addition to being a great album, has a great title. Mae Chwaluk's Ukrainian Country Farm Party, another great title.

So speaking of titles: My new 33-song 3" CD-R is going to be called Duplex Cremes. It is basically finished, but I have the challenge of making levels consistent across 33 songs that were recorded very quickly.


Friday, January 18, 2019

Memory Excellence available for purchase on cassette

If anyone is looking to pick up a genuine cassette version of the Memory Excellence compilation, it's available at the Deathbomb Arc webstore at the link above. It looks sharp. While $12 is a little steep for a cassette, you're only paying 36 cents a song.

MP3s are available at Bandqlamp for about 21 cents per song. Or if you prefer the streaming model, search for Memory Excellence on your favorite streaming service. However, watch out for false Jake Andersons.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

RIP Daryl D and a list of horrible things I've done

The Captain is dead. Farewell, Captain. In his honor, here is a list of horrible things I have done to or with his music over the years, in roughly chronological order:

(1) Lobstora's song "Run Captain Run," which performed long-distance psychoanalysis of the Captain and T's relationship based on the awkwardly staged bulldog photo on the cover of Love Will Keep Us Together. Was there feedback? There was feedback. Also, a super-lo-res sample from "Broddy Bounce" (admittedly a jam) looped on my brother's Performa along with Macintalk exhortations to the Captain to run, run far away. If you read T's autobiography (I glanced through it at the library's used-book store), it sounds like the exhortations should have been sent in her direction, not his, but either way. I feel like there were other references to Love Will Keep Us Together on that tape, too.
(2) Super-scabrous feedback and delay-abuse version of "The Way I Want to Touch You" done with A. in the garage in Costa Mesa at a weird point in my life. The one existing recording of my old MXR rackmount digital delay from the swap meet, me poking buttons like I'm running an Osterizer and making it emit shrill goose honks. Noteworthy.
(3) At one point I think I holed up with a sampler and a copy of the Spanish-language version of LWKUT (entitled Por Amor Viviremos) and sampled a very short loop of T. singing "oo-may" from the phrase "tĂș me perteneces," roughly "you belong to me now," one of the lines referenced in (1), that plus a lot of Language Master something.

Are there other things? Probably. Were the 90s a weird time if you had some means of sampling sound and a predilection for so-so 70s soft-rock records? Yes!!!!!