Monday, December 18, 2023

Road to Saint Petersburg

Available now on the magic internet is Road to Saint Petersburg from the mighty Almost Halloween Time Records. I got the opportunity to collaborate remotely with Allen Callaci and his golden voice, and I think it turned out great. I used my clearance-bin guitar twiddlers and I think there are multiple tracks of flute involved.

Lots of other great collaborations as well from people I've corresponded with over the years. Really solid front to back. Feels like a lost great early-90s tape comp with less tape hiss.

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Atmospheric river/Eat Skull

I was standing at the bus stop with the kid this morning, gallons of Pineapple Express atmospheric river moisture dumping onto us, monster lakes forming everywhere, monster trucks zooming through them, no sidewalks, we had to pick a trail between waterways. Oh, unincorporated Clackamas.

It was dark, wet, and miserable. Memorably miserable, the kind I like. From out of nowhere Eat Skull's 2013 epic "Stupid Moon" came into my head, in particular the immortal verse:
Found a seagull somewhere on the beach
Chopped off its head and then it said to me
There is something I need to remove
I don't wanna press the point
But if you're cool then you won't judge me
I may not have an angel's voice
But all you children must listen to me

Interesting to read contemporaneous reviews of this album from 2013. Everyone wanted to put it into the "shitgaze" genre box, when in fact it sounded like a pretty clean break from the genre to me. Such as the genre was. The human mind and its need to categorize things, I guess.

In any case, their label has their album III, which contains said song, on sale, as well as many other examples of the purported shitgaze genre. As a certain poet once said, wait for the news in the history books.