Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Nosh Kosh

The blog Break Into Chat recently unearthed the unreleased game Nosh Kosh for the Apple II: a gobble-em-up game designed to teach kashrut food laws to the kidz. You earn points by eating carrots, meat, or dairy, but if you eat the meat, you need to wait 6 hours before eating the dairy! Also, you are pursued by  lobsters, frogs, and swine. 

If you eat the dairy within 6 hours after eating the meat, or if you collide with the unclean animals, your little Pac-Man utters a digitized "OY!"

Also, the splash screen features two Pac-Mans (Pac-Men?) wearing yarmulkes.

There's a link at the blog referenced above. Simple, but totally charming for a few minutes.