Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Indonesian Cassette Archive

Today I was playing the tracks I've uploaded to YouChoob Myoozik on shuffle. In addition to multiple tracks from my various 33-track albums coming up, a track from The Sultan's Pleasure came up. Good stuff, right? 

That made me think of the Gending Beksan^2 tape I dubbed off my high school orchestra teacher way back when. One of those mythical tapes that changed the way I listen to music, tonality, everything. I remember endless school bus rides from Tualatin to Tigard, rolling past ultrabland McMansions in adjoining neighborhoods, warbly third-hand dubs in my ears, constant rain outside always, everything seemed endless but it was over sooner than I expected.

I didn't see that particular tape on the internet (aside from my own personal mp3 collection), but Internet Archive does have 128 tapes in their Indonesian Cassette Archive, including several with titles indicating they might be just the right thing. OK, back in 72 hours or so!!!!!!!!