Monday, November 28, 2022

Guilty pleasures 11/2022

 1) Episodes of Password Plus from 1979. Allen Ludden is a really good game show host - simultaneously totally smooth (his choice in eyewear is fantastic and his hair perfect) while also being warm and genuinely funny. The theme song is a pretty awesome flute strutter - searches on YouChoob for "password plus theme song" turn up the extended remix version that has a lot more wah-wah guitar, which is good, but the essence of the song is the flutes, flutes flutes flutes. Watch the episodes while you're washing the dishes. That's what I'm doing.

2) I finally found a brand of fake Ch**t*s that is as good or better than the actual name brand orange cheez curls. I think they might actually be upscale fake Ch**t*s (what a world), but when they filter down to my local expired-goods emporium, they are at a price point that cancels out the fact that they are a few months past their prime.

3) School bus mornings with a kindergartner are pretty brutal and don't allow for my usual semi-precise Ch*m*x fancy lad pour-over method, so I splurged and bought a fancypants M*cc*m*st*r coffee maker on Cr**gsl*st. I  did not realize that the very nice lady who sold it to me was wearing a lot of perfume (masked transactions!), so the coffee maker bore that odor. Fortunately, over the course of a long weekend at home with a sick kindergartner, I allowed baking soda, vinegar, and time to do their work. Today the results were finally acceptable, so I drank more coffee than is reasonable, hence this long blog post.