Thursday, November 17, 2022

Spice World "Dying to Go"

Today I've been listening to Australian band Spice World's ingenious and ridiculous single "Dying to Go" quite a bit. Their excellent description:
a bright, careening guitar-pop daydream about listening to 'Spice Up Your Life' by Spice Girls and feeling inspired to fake your own death in an attempt to escape your life.
If I had ever voluntarily listened to the Spice Girls, this would probably be more resonant for me, but even without, I like this interpretation. The post-everything version of Sherwood Anderson's nervous breakdown

Apparently they recorded the album in five hours, all live, the night before one of the members had to decamp for Melbourne, and all the better - the recordings are fresh and raw. The chord progression and timing are basically identical to "Boys Don't Cry" but since this song is already hermit-crabbing inside a different hit song, let's go with it.

The B side does what a B side should do - it reflects, curls up inside itself, is indirect, contrasts with the bright bleak sunshine of the A-side.

I guess they have a new single coming up tomorrow and an album coming up next year - will keep an eye on them.