Friday, September 30, 2022

Deep Polka/music discovery/Polka Jammer Network

During a recent child-free visit to the Tualatin Public Library (thanks Grandma) I was scanning their CD collection. Under "World Music" there was a CD called "Deeper Polka" from Smithsonian Folkways. OK, challenge accepted! Anyway, it was pretty good, and it led me to believe there might be a CD called "Deep Polka," which there is, and now when I listen to my YouChoob Muzik library on shuffle, every so often I get a visit from Norm Dombrowski's Happy Notes or the Clete Bellin Orchestra. 

That aspect of physical music discovery is so important to me. The various algorithms tracking me always underestimate my desire to listen to polka and overestimate my desire to listen to stuff that, I guess, it's OK? Currently they think I want to listen to *lv*s C*st*ll* because I played one of his songs on YouChoob (memo to self: stick to physical media, dude's like an algorithm virus) and the Motels' "Only the Lonely," probably because I listened to Men at Work's "Overkill" from my cheese mix. I guess those two push the same emotional/stylistic/chronological buttons? Yeah, I guess that tracks. 

Anyhow, if you have a desire to listen to nonstop polka 24/7, the Polka Jammer Network continues to jam the polkas 24/7. I hadn't checked them out in a while but was delighted to see that they are still cranking. Long may they jam.