Friday, September 16, 2022

Doublehappys/great videos/Gwoogoowhacks

Roger Shepherd's Man on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown blog on the Flying Nun site is always a delight and a chance to reevaluate some not-quite-A-list bands from the Flying Nun heyday. Today I went down the Doublehappys rabbit hole. Not necessarily my favorite band in the stable, and there's an underlying current of tragedy that's hard to take, but the video for "Needles and Plastic" can't be denied:

Fun, right? So much youthful energy. I love the idea of cramming ten people into a small room and having Chris Knox direct people below camera level to grab things, throw beach balls, give thumbs-up, have Shayne Carter jump off some undefined object and give the camera the world's best shit-eating yeah-I-did-that grin after sticking the landing. Stage jumps aren't easy, you know, although somehow I, with my incredibly low dexterity score, was able to pull them off on a few peak-experience occasions. 

And after 2.5 years of not being crammed in small rooms with people, this video seems even more fun, totally awesome, forbidden.

I like the fact that the title of the 19th song on my album Theory Internal appears to be the only hit for that particular phrase on the Gwoogwoo, despite it being an intentionally awkward rephrasing of a super famous Bible verse. Seriously, internet?