Monday, September 12, 2022

Flipper _Gone Fishin'_, early 2000s Celesteville tour snapshot

My boy went off to kindergarten today and the sky has the weird bleakness of sudden Oregon autumn muscling its way past bleak Oregon Fire Sky September. Whiplash-inducing.

For some reason I thought of Flipper's "You Nought Me" this morning and queued up Gone Fishin'. Good stuff, as good now as it was when I spent a princely $6 on a used copy in, hmm, maybe Ardmore, PA, back in 1991 or so?

Things I didn't really register back then:
(1) Fretless bass all over the place
(2) On "One By One," Ted Falconi is "holding it down" with honest-to-goodness guitar chords (albeit way out of tune) and (presumably) Will Shatter is the one going berserk, in a reversal of basically every other Flipper song
(3) Some day I would be called on to perform "Sacrifice" by memory on a half-guitar-half-bass chimera in a vegan eatery in Olympia, WA while playing along with a band with a zombie trombonist and a toy piano that was touring in a converted ambulance. I was in place of the Necro-Sluts, who may or may not have ever existed. I was able to conjure up the bass line correctly (or so I believed) despite not having heard the song in ages at that point, although there was some controversy at the time about the accuracy of my playing. A couple days later I'd be eating food out of dumpsters and dodging Bud Light bottles in Bellingham while chanting "you suck" along with the audience. YOUTH!