Saturday, September 17, 2022

Lida Husik again

In the mid-90s I headed away from my East Coast fancypants college and headed down to Southern California to go to grad school, where of course I immediately distracted myself by throwing myself headlong into a new college radio station. In an attempt to be King College Radio Shit, I got more and more invested in being cooler than thou, into weirder, more abrasive, longer, more annoying stuff. Not my proudest moment perhaps, but maybe it needed to happen? Maybe I needed to pump myself up so I could later get seriously humbled?

Anyway, somewhere in that weird era, it sounds like Lida Husik (referenced previously here) also headed down to the Southland and made her poppiest album ever, Fly Stereophonic. It had dancing cartoon food on the cover and some truly dreadful 90s typography and so I guess I just ignored it. I was too cool for school and I was probably falling asleep on the highway to albums by Pork Queen or Surface of the Earth or the Shadow Ring or something. Turns out that of course it's delightful, as were her other albums from the mid-90s with bad album covers that came out on labels that were kinda mainstream cool, but not like Corpus Hermeticum cool. 

I could have been that guy on late-90s Southern California freeways with his Geo Metro windows down and the tape player eating his dub of Fly Stereophonic while I headed off to eat a masala dosa. It would have been all right.