Sunday, June 23, 2024

Happy Valley bike ride / Freeya

Free plug for the app Freeya, a pretty good solution to the problem "how do I get rid of this free item without driving to a thrift store, leaving it at the curb, or dealing with a dozen BuyNothing/Craigslist flakes?" Everything is automated, and if someone flakes out on you (as they always do - I don't understand it) it's no big deal. Their window to pick things up just ends and someone else gets a chance. Anyway, if you're in Portland, Seattle, or Atlanta, recommended.

I posted some tape decks today and decided to look to see what's around. Someone up in Happy Valley was giving away some earbuds that would be an upgrade to what I have, and I was looking for a bike ride, so why not? I hopped on the non-electric bike because I was feeling crazy and headed up the daunting slopes of Mt. Scott.

The motor in my core and legs took me up past the mall, past the fire station, past the inevitable golf course. The motor in my core and legs was regretting my choice at the top of the hill. I rode down past dozens of McMansions, rode through the park, walked my bike on the gravel trail, then went up the hill, past the barrier, and emerged on 122nd. Taking the secret path made me feel like a genius and a super-dork all at once.

Here's where I ended up - the house was at the bottom of this serious hill:

I picked up the earbuds, emerged from a secret pedestrian exit next to the inevitable Jamba Juice (there is an outlet!) and rode home next to all sorts of fancy Happy Valley vehicles in all sorts of anonymous shades of white, gray, and black, then took the bike path home to the sanity of the flatlands.