Monday, June 17, 2024

Cabalgata rabbit hole

I was working on a document from Mexico for work and wanted to get an idea of the geography for a small town in Jalisco. The town was too small to be on Street View, so I did what one does, typed the name of the town into YouChoob.

The first hit was for a cabalgata, a horse-centric town-wide party/parade (English equivalent "cavalcade" is less relevant in non-horsey urban USA in 2024). I was not aware but it is awesome. I won't link to the video in question for privacy reasons, so search for cabalgata jalisco in YouChoob. There are a lot. Watch the horses dancing, hear the tubas echoing in the horse paddock.

Ads on the walls for businesses in the US. BIENVENIDOS HIJOS AUSENTES. Día de los Migrantes. A two-sided flag with the Great Seal of the State of Oregon on one side, but instead of a beaver on the other, the Mexican flag. 

Mules. Ponies. Men drinking Modelo on horses. Pretty ladies in fancy dresses sitting on the hood of lifted trucks. Dancing in the horse paddock, lifting up their fancy dresses. Crazy trumpet sounds. Stick with that video for some hoof-based ASMR at 03:15. Looks like a good time.

Apparently these horse-based festival parties are a thing in Colombia as well. Probably other places where people have horses and like to party. This rabbit hole is deep and I will get there eventually.