Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Floppy Quest 2022/High-Speed Dubbing 2022

A client at work wanted us to mail a "computer disk." Does this mean a 3.5" floppy disk, I asked? Yes it does. I looked around my various clutter pits and found no 3.5 floppies that didn't say something like "Lost Treasures of Infocom" or "howtoremixroseforbohdan"*.  I have lots of 5.25" floppies - so many of them - but no 3.5".

To the internet we go. I found a dude in Gladstone who had a couple boxes available. I considered biking over, but reconsidered, given the heavy wildfire smoke in the air. And given that I'm already buying emergency floppy disks in 2022, this experience was going to be weird enough as is.

The client also wanted some cassettes, so I'm high-speed dubbing recordings of government forms over some blanks that were initially meant to hold Tualatin Summer EPs. The plowshares we beat our swords into, indeed!

Also, I like the fact that, through the magic of high-speed tape dubbing, I'm hearing a Chipmunkified version of my coworker's voice just a couple days after ranting about the Chipmunks. I love how the universe works sometimes.

*I also love that Deathbomb Arc put out a 3.5" floppy back in the aughts, back when floppies were that annoying technology that wouldn't go away and that no one liked.