Wednesday, June 8, 2022


One of the nice things about no one reading this blog is that I can make posts like this.

Lethologica is apparently the fancy-schmancy term for "tip-of-the-tongue syndrome," the inability to recall a specific word. It probably has a more specific fancier-schmancier definition in the literature, but let's go with the pop-psych listicle version for now.

It's a word that I frequently have use for, as a person who always prefers the fancy-schmancy word to the non-schmancy. But I 100% can never remember it.

Short of getting a $150* tattoo of some $1.50 word, probably the easiest way to remember this is to blog about it. Make an index card. Make it a password (note: I will not do this).

Lethologica lethologica lethologica. 

*Note: I have no idea what tattoos cost