Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Acceptable Ubu

Which Pere Ubu is acceptable Pere Ubu? I love their early stuff (how many times have you heard that?) but I had long been a member of the extremist nothing-past-New Picnic Time club. Recently I had a moment where I realized I was being ridiculous and The Art of Walking and Song of the Bailing Man are actually pretty good, and actually The Tenement Year and Cloudland are pretty good too. 

Those last two albums fall into the weird era where things aren't available on YouChoob Musik except for a few sketchy and incomplete gray-market playlists. Their Bandqlamp only has an abridged version of Cloudland and a limited-to-500 LP of The Tenement Year that apparently I missed the boat on.

When taking my kid to daycare recently I've been blasting "Small Was Fast" while he sits in the back of the car or in the bike trailer, reading his way through the library's juvenile graphic novel section. He is unperturbed.

Give me another decade or so and I'll expand to enjoy their material from the aughts, I'm sure.