Saturday, December 23, 2017

Songs for Birds

And as if on cue, after talking about listening to my own juvenilia, the universe spits this out:

Yak (&): Songs for Birds

A compilation I made for legendary British tape label Traumatone back in, hmm, 1994 or so? It features just-post-high-school album A House with a Garden, plus various bits and pieces, some unreleased. The Winchester Geese classic "Gumby Dreams of Assault Weapons" had previously included a snippet from legendary X-rated comedy film Wham-Bam, Thank You Spaceman, but now it gets the line:

I am a ninny
And I am too skinny
And I don't watch enough TV

Two out of three still hold true!

Anyway, probably worth listening to, I guess? It is not too mortifying.