Friday, December 8, 2017

Gochujang and the boldness of shapes

The boy and I went to an estate sale thing in a Milwaukie strip mall* today. Not too much of interest, but they had a particularly sexy vintage staple remover** for 30 cents, plus some of the deceased's as-yet unexpired foods. The (presumably) Korean woman at the register looked a little surprised that I was buying it. She told me that I should immediately go and buy some roasted sesame oil if I was going to make bibimbap. On my way out the door she said "Bye-bye gochujang," possibly to the baby, possibly to the actual gochujang. I will need to use that line.

(*It was being held in a space that formerly held "Susie's Baby Outlet." When Joanie and I would drive past that sign, we'd always chuckle in our most Buttheady voices. We are horrible.)

(**Staple removers are the sexiest office products because they are dangerous. This one is particularly sexy in spite of its beigeness.)

The boy has a "Brainy Baby Laptop" with the requisite buttons and lights. When you "boot up" this laptop in "shapes" mode, it plays a little song that goes like this:

Look around and you will seeeeeee
A world full of bold
and colorful shapes

It doesn't work. The second half of the jingle feels like it's 1.7 times as long as the first part, like a sweater with one arm too long. And for what? To cram the word "bold" in there? In what sense are shapes bold? Stupid lumpy jingle!!!!!