Friday, December 22, 2017

On listening to one's own music

Yes, I listen to my own music all the time. That's why I make it.

When Eric and I invented Activity Universal (Associates), our express purpose was to make music for washing dishes to. I think it worked particularly well for that purpose. Nobody else was making music that I wanted to wash dishes to. So we made six and a half albums of dishwashing music (plus a lot of outtakes that have never been shared for some reason).

I remember reading some David Lee Roth interview a while back where he talked about never wanting to listen to his albums after he made them. Like, he'd worked too hard on them, burned out on them already. That seems crazy to me. I guess I can imagine being a little too burned out if I'd spent two weeks in some smoke-filled 80s studio dialing in a perfect bass drum sound, but fortunately I just press buttons and bass drum sounds come out without much effort on my part.