Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Vainica Doble/internet rabbit hole of the day

It's hot and the sun is a big malevolent lemon sucker in the sky and so naturally my computer-assisted brain decided that I wanted to watch Vainica Doble's "Caramelo de Limón" several dozen times in a row:

Vainica Doble are great. I wish more televideos existed for their stuff, particularly the stuff on "Heliotropo." 

Somehow I forgot to turn off YouChoob's "Play stuff that is somehow vaguely algorithmically related to this thing" and I ended up going down a Romance-language early-70s TV music rabbit hole. It ended up here:

which is at some unthinkable WTF intersection between unspeakably cheesy and kind of hottt. Nothing really makes sense right now, so let's just go with it.