Thursday, August 18, 2022


My job sometimes requires me to do weird things, weird boring things. In this case, I needed to record a cassette tape to send to someone on behalf of the state.

You'd think that "Tape Mountain" would mean I would have a cassette deck that actually records, but ha! ha! that's thoroughly incorrect. Instead, I have a bunch of tape decks with snapped belts that have turned to goo, or a sweet midlife crisis garage-sale Nakamichi that, by the way, doesn't record. Ordinarily not a big deal, but today it was!

So I dug Ye Olde Tascamme Porta Twoee out of the garage and connected a bunch of unlikely cables, and - lo and beholdde - it works! I'm shocked but delighted.

Does this mean I'm going to release music on cassette? NO!!!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! What a pain in the asssse.