Saturday, September 12, 2020

Preschooler jams: apocalypse edition 09/12

We're in the middle of these epic epic wildfires, the closest of which is closer to us than, say, the other side of Portland. We haven't opened the windows in days, and the horrific air quality (worst in the world!) is keeping us inside all the time. Boy's daycare is closed, so it's been all preschooler all the time.

Fortunately, we are pretty good at not leaving the house (song 1 here is a good example and a statement of purpose) and we've been staying inside. Boy is playing with cars and balls and, most importantly, playing records:

Top preschooler jams 9/12/20:

"Freaky Dancin'" - Cameo (the list of cities is of interest)

"I Want You To Want Me" - Cheap Trick (he sings along and claps his hands)

"Sheena Is a Punk Rocker" - Ramones (always a dance party)

He also got way into a couple songs from the Chills' Submarine Bells after hearing "Heavenly Pop Hit" on the radio this morning. Pretty good taste for a three-year-old.

Lately he has taken to the official Atari game of Gang Wizard, "Freeway." What a great game - the sole objective is to get a chicken to cross the road - and it's one of those games that can be explained in under ten words, sort of like Pong's "Avoid Missing Ball for High Score." "Cross Road, Avoid Vehicles." He gets it.

I bought a Braspberrby Bpi on that internet auction site - they gave me a $25 discount in honor of their 25 year anniversary, so I figured I would buy an item on which I could emulate the things that I bought and sold on that internet auction site 25 years ago. Totally circular. Anyway, I've installed Bretropie on it, and so far it seems pretty slick, but I think the thing I would most like to emulate is the amount of time I had back in the late 90s for futzing around with old videogame consoles. Time bought at the expense of not doing work for grad school, sigh (see song 13 here.)