Thursday, September 17, 2020

Hooray for compact discs (and Possible Humans)

News: CDs are cool again! Right?! Just like blogs! Decouple your listening and social media from gross algorithms and the all-glowing all-seeing eye in your pocket. Give me a thing that I can listen to or look at anywhere, sequentially, in some sort of artist-determined order, nothing automatically added to my "next up" column or tracked by Big Data. Plus they play in my car, in my cheap little stereo, on my crazy person stereo in the office. I am totally ready for the CD comeback once this dumb vinyl thing burns itself out. The idea of paying $20 for some big clunky LP made out of dinosaur blood that I'll have to tote around until the end of my days is just ridiculous. (NB: Old cheap 45s from the 50 cent bin are fine. See previous post.)

Plug: I am glad that Trouble in Mind Records continues to indulge my love for cheap physical media by offering CDs of most of what they do (not CD-Rs - real CDs!), and in space saving cardboard sleeves no less. Everything that is bad about LPs is good here. Their recent reissue of the Possible Humans album is a case in point - that first song "Lung of the City" sounds so good on crispy digital through my crazy person speakers from the 70s. Not ready to give the entire CD a blanket Tape Mountain Approval yet, but what an opening song.

Preschooler jam of the week: M's "Pop Muzik"!!!!!!!!! More about that one later.