Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Able "Screw You Around"

In the unthinkably 25 years ago past of 1999 or 1998 or something I was in a car headed up I-5 from the Southland to San Francisco. Maybe this was the time when a certain noise band was playing at the immortally named "Clit Stop"? Who knows, long time ago, long drive. The car had recently been broken into and there was some plastic sheeting where a window should be, yelling rustle rustle rustle all the way up the long straight inky blackness of the Central Valley.

Above said noisy rustle was the new album from Able, Lost Love Songs, soon to come out on Blackbean & Placenta Tape Club. Mike was very excited about this album that I thought sounded like the Eagles. It didn't really sound like the Eagles, but I was young and insufferable and needed to make a point. In a few months, I realized that Mike was right and that it was great, particularly the quizzically named "Screw You Around":

While there are oodles of songs in this world about being a young brainiac being pushed around by bully goons - well, I'm assuming there are - this one inverts the young-brainiac-makes-good formula and turns it into a surprisingly delicate saga of underachievement, questionable parenting, and false memory, punctuated with an endless chorus of "Don't let them screw you around."