Monday, April 24, 2023

Steven Arntson _The False Voice_

Friend of Tape Mountain Steven Arntson has a new concertina-and-voice album, The False Voice, and you should get it. 

Without Haste, Without Rest, his previous concertina-and-voice album, came out in 2017 and soundtracked a lot of my sleepless days in dark times with a new-ish baby. I remember listening to it, just completely delirious from not sleeping and from it being the dark days of 2017, coming home from going hiking with the kiddo, how he had fallen asleep in the Ergo carrier while we were on the trail, and now he was awake in the car seat, no nap, no future, all future. It was perfect.

The new album moves on from the "yodels" of the previous album and dispenses with all non-false voice and verbal singing. It feels purer for it. I'll report back once I've absorbed it a little more fully.