Monday, February 22, 2021

Auction Polka

 The great Polkadon DB brings us another Ukrainian-Canadian polka gem in "Auction Polka":

That's right - the worlds of polka and auctioneering collide, and it is in fact BETTER than you thought it would be! This pretty much sounds and looks like my youth if you move things a little farther south on the North American plains and white-bread things up a bit.

As with a lot of the stuff on this YouTube channel, zero information anywhere on the internet about this stuff. I admire that, but there must be more information... OK, on to Dizqogs, dig a little deeper - whoa, how did I not know about Leroy Van Dyke's "Auctioneer"?

OK, maybe I've heard this before? Or maybe someone riffed on this? In any case, I am delighted that he apparently turned this schtick into a career, even a movie called "What Am I Bid?" in which he earned top billing as "The World's Most Famous Auctioneer."

Thank you, internet - what a world.