Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Stacks of CDRs and _Marimba Themes_

There is something great about a spindle of CDRs separated from their cases, possibly forever. Grab one at random and put faith in an earlier version of yourself. Try listening. It's probably good. Maybe it's what you want to listen to right now.

This one has good artwork. Who was spraypainting CDRs like this? Put it in the player, 20 tracks, 66:48. Hmm, there are marimbas and some pleasing electronic manipulation thereof? I'm guessing this has to be something that Ryan did, maybe with Alyssa? Go to the Eet bwandqwamp page - no albums have 20 tracks. Maybe it was Ryan solo under the Ifsh name? Aha, "Marimba Themes"!

Now I am listening to it. Everything plays just fine despite being on a spindle for years and years. And it is perfect music for right now - just at the back of my attention, occasional plinks and blurps and glitches, delicate and very pleasing. Maybe you need it?