Sunday, January 14, 2018

Stereo update

In an attempt to keep our now one-year-old son from injuring himself, I have decommissioned my crazy person stereo for now. Alas. I've replaced it with a weird little compact Japanese thing that I got out of the free bin at a yard sale. It is tiny and has a minidisc recorder (!) If the built-in CD player also worked, that would be pretty great, but at least I can line-in a Cqromeqast Audio or a tape player. Anyway, not having that crazy stereo around has, for some reason, made me feel a lot calmer. I miss it, and I miss playing disco LPs for my baby, but I'll set it up in my office at some point.

I am glad that my bowing-to-reality stereo setup is just as ridiculous and janky - if not more so - than its predecessor. Just smaller.