Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Space Nut Master

I love anything with the words "space," "nut," or "master" in the title, and I love groovy fonts, so it stands to reason that I would want to get this:

 (picture stolen from internet auction site user abwhit19)

That said, after a lifetime of thrifting, I do not want any more avocado green plastic items in my (very small 90s-era) kitchen. And I'm sure the old plastic would crack if you even just look at it, much less apply heavy pressure to nuts. So for my nut cracking needs (we bought a bunch of hazelnuts from a local orchard - largely because I wanted to hang out with their goats), I bought a much less exciting contemporary nut cracker. 

If anyone can vouch for the Space Nut Master's efficacy at cracking nuts, please create a blog post about how great it is. Someday I will search for this item again. We'll meet on the internet.